• What is Yaarlo?

    Yaarlo is a cash back app that rewards users for shopping and activities related to shopping. Shopping rewards include getting anywhere from 5% to 10% cash back when shopping online or buying gift cards (for self use or when gifting). Shopping activities include scanning receipts, surveys etc.. Users can accumulate significant earnings if they use the system to their advantage while shopping. The big earnings come from online shopping, or buying gift cards and scanning all your receipts. Power users are earning upwards of $60 every 2 months.

  • How do I refer a friend?

    Your referral code can be found under the menu tab. You can send your code via SMS or email or copy and paste to a social media site. You will not get your referral points credited until your friend verifies their email and mobile phone number and completes some number of transactions on Yaarlo (Credit will be posted after they scan 10 receipts or Shop Online or Buy a Gift Card).

  • What is Gift 'n Earn?

    Gift 'n Earn allows you to earn upto 10% cash back when you buy a gift card from your favorite retailers to use instore or when presenting it to family/friends. Simply, click Gift 'n Earn on the app or visit www.yaarlo.com/gift-and-earn to buy a gift card to your favorite stores. Once a purchase is made the Gift Card should be available to use under “My Gift Cards” section in the Menu and the cash back will be automatically applied to your account in under 5 minutes.

  • What stores do you currently offer on Gift 'n Earn?

    Right now, Yaarlo has over 50 different stores and restaurants including Walmart, Amazon, Nike, JCP, Macy's, Sephora, Hotels.com, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panera Bread and others.... More stores are being added weekly.

  • What is Shop 'n Earn?

    Shop 'n Earn allows you to earn upto 20% cash back when you shop online through Yaarlo at your favorite retailers. Simply, click Shop 'n Earn on the app or visit www.yaarlo.com/shop-and-earn to start browsing your favorite stores. Once a purchase is made the cash back will be automatically applied to your account.

  • What stores do you currently offer on Shop 'n Earn?

    Right now, Yaarlo has over 300 different stores including Walmart, Target, Macy's, JCP, Nordstrom, Ebay.... More stores are being added weekly.

  • How to earn 3X Cashback at Yaarlo?

    Watch our video to learn How to earn 3X cashback at retail store, when you use Yaarlo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcLAQ0Lup2I

  • How long does it take for my points from Shop 'n Earn to show up in my account?

    After purchasing an item/items from Yaarlo's Shop 'n Earn it will move into the pending section in 1 to 3 days (for the stores to send us the data). It may take up to 32 days before the cash back appears in the Approved section of your account. This is due to most retailers having a 30 day return policy.

  • What are memberships and how are they determined?

  • What is "Scan Receipt"?

    Scan Receipt lets users earn cash back just for taking a picture of a receipt from any local or online store and uploading it into Yaarlo. Users can earn upto $0.5/50 points just for taking a picture of a receipt. How cool is that!! The cash back earnings are determined by the kind of store and amount spent.

  • What kind of receipts do you accept for Scan Receipt?

    We accept: Retail stores, Grocery stores, Supermarkets, Restaurants (local, chain, and fast food), Gas, Wholesale clubs, Entertainment, and Personal services.

  • How many points are earned per receipt?

    Points are given based on your membership level and the category your receipt falls under:
    There is currently a $0.50/50 point cap per receipt.
    Note: Tip amounts on receipts, money orders, and cash back at stores do not get any credit.

  • Do you allow E receipts?

    Shopping online! Use the Shop 'n Earn feature to get up to 10% cash back on mobile or web. Plus, you can scan the physical receipt and get more cash back just make sure the image is clear and includes: date, name of store, total amount, and payment information. The receipt must be a physical paper copy to be accepted. No screenshots will be accepted. Support for emailing the online receipts or physical store receipts will be added in the near future..

  • How old can my receipt be?

    Your receipt can not be older than 14 days when submitted.

  • How do I snap long paper receipts using Yaarlo?

    For long receipts, we recommend you snap the receipt from a distance to get the entire receipt in one snap or fold the receipt in the middle to make it shorter. If you choose this option be sure to include: store name, date, and total amount. Please do not take multiple pictures of the receipt as we currently do not have the ability to stitch the images together but in the near future you should have the capability to send the receipt in 3 different parts.

  • Can I upload the same receipt from two different accounts?

    No you can not. We will only accept the receipt on the first account that we see, the receipt on the second account will be rejected. If you continue to scan duplicates your account could be deactivated by Yaarlo.

  • What information is required in my receipt picture?

    You must include the store name, date, and total amount at the minimum.

  • How long does it take a receipt's points to process?

    Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours for these to process through our system. Sometimes, we experience large volumes which could cause delay in processing. We appreciate your patience as we catch up.

  • How many receipts can I submit per store per day, per week or per month?

    There is currently a limit of 2 receipts you can scan per date listed on the receipt, per store. Any receipts after the second one from the same store with the same date will be given 0 points. There is currently no limit on #of receipts. 

  • My receipts are being rejected for over threshold what does this mean?

    Over Threshold message is displayed once a user crosses certain spending thresholds on scanned receipts within a month.
    -- Max amount of monthly rewards from retail receipts scanned is $2.50 or $1000 whichever is greater and everything over that is rejected.
    -- Max amount of monthly rewards from all other receipts: Groceries, Restaurants etc. scanned is $2.00 or $2000 whichever is greater and everything over that is rejected.

    There is no limit to reward accumulation when "shopping online" or when buying "gift cards".

  • What do the "Missed Points" in Cash balance screen mean?

    Missed Points shows you the cashback points you missed but could have earned using the 'Gift 'N Earn' feature on Yaarlo.

    For example
    : You can buy a $150 JCPenney gift card via the 'Gift 'N Earn' feature and shop online at jcpenney.com via the 'Shop 'N Earn' feature and then use the previously bought gift card as payment. You can then scan this receipt via 'Scan Receipt'. This will result in $3 from 'Gift 'N Earn' purchase, $4.50 from the 'Shop 'N Earn' feature and $0.38 from Scan receipt to get a total of $7.88 for $150 spent!!
    Click here to watch a video to learn How to earn 3X cashback at retail store, when you use Yaarlo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcLAQ0Lup2I

  • What are the payout options?

    You can redeem your points at anytime for gift cards or cash through Paypal. There are 2 redemption option which are for $25 and $50. The $25 redemption option requires to be an Gold or a Platinum Member. The trick to faster cash back accumulation is to use the Shop 'n Earn and Gift 'n Earn features where we are seeing users accumulate $60 in under 2 months (which is >$360 in a single year).

  • I redeemed for a gift card, now what?

    Once you redeem for a gift card the cash amount will be withdrawn automatically from your cash balance. Your $25 and $50 redemptions requires 48 hours to process. The gift card is available by going to the "My Gift Card" tab in the menu bar and you can now use it at the retailer just the same as cash. We do not send physical gift cards.

  • How long does it take to get my gift card or cash via PayPal?

    When you redeem $25 and $50 for gift cards, please allow 48 hours. If it takes longer than this please contact us immediately at support@yaarlo.com. If you wait over 30 days to reach out to us we may not be able to assist you in the retrieval of your gift card. If you cash out for PayPal, please allow 30 Days and your email address is different than the email on your Yaarlo account please email us at support@yaarlo.com with the email you would like it to be sent to.

  • Can I use Yaarlo on the iPad?

    Yes, Yaarlo has an iPad version with all the features that are available on the mobile app.

  • What do I do if my receipt gets rejected and the reason is not valid?

    If a receipt is rejected and you feel Yaarlo has made a mistake please go to www.yaarlo.com and log in to your account to dispute the receipt. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the receipt to be corrected. If a receipt is over 30 days old when you contact us about the issue we will not be able to make any changes. For other questions or concerns you can contact us at support@yaarlo.com

  • I did not receive my sign up bonus points. Why?

    You must verify your email and mobile phone number you used to sign up with and scan a receipt before the points will be awarded. If you have completed all the steps and still do not see your points within 24 hours after doing so please email us at support@yaarlo.com. Sign up points are for new users only. The code must be entered within 24 hours of joining Yaarlo. Need a code to enter? We have frequent sign up promotions that we post about on Facebook and Instagram or grab a friends code to enter!

  • What types of receipts are not accepted?

    A receipt missing: purchase date, store name and/or total price
    Business or company related purchases
    Bills such as cell phone, utilities, doctor or vet, car payments, car service, postal receipt, mortgage, insurance, etc.
    Blurry images not readable by our system
    Screenshots from a computer/phone
    Restaurant Receipts that do not have payment information
    Handwritten receipts
    Money orders, ATM receipts, and bank draft/checks
    If “This is not a receipt” or RETURN appears on the receipt

  • What is 60 Days In-Active in "My Transactions" screen?

    If a user is not active for 60 days, our system will reset all points/earnings and after 90 days will block the user.
    In-Active users are defined as users who have not logged in to their account for the last 60 days.

  • Is Yaarlo available outside the U.S.?

    No it is not, it will be available around the world in the near future. Any receipts outside of the U.S. will be rejected and your account could be deactivated by Yaarlo. Yaarlo only supports receipts that are in USD, receipts from other countries or dollar amounts will not be accepted. Yaarlo is not responsible for paying rewards to the user if the amount is not in USD.

  • I just downloaded the app and tried to scan but the screen just keeps spinning.

    If this occurs it means you have not allowed Yaarlo access to your camera. Just go into your settings an enable your camera for Yaarlo.

  • What do you do with my receipts?

    Yaarlo uses the receipt data to understand and provide a better shopping experience that is personalized to each individual user by enabling you to maximize the cash back benefits when shopping online or in-store. Other benefits include insider coupons to stores that are only offered through this program which enables our users to save more during shopping in addition to the cash back benefits. We will never share your personal information with a third party, period!!

  • How is my information protected?

    When you download the Yaarlo app, the software is installed on your phone. The receipts and other information you capture, however, are not retained on the phone. It’s all uploaded and stored on our safe and secure servers that use SSL-encrypted certificates to keep information safe.

  • How to Unsubscribe?

    Registration and participation is voluntary. You may remove our app at any time by deleting it from your device. Once the app is removed, you will no longer be able to upload receipts to your account. You can also elect to remove your email address from our mailing list by unsubscribing from our newsletter.

  • What if I have a question or suggestion about Yaarlo? How do I contact you?

    We'd love to hear from you if you have questions or comments. You can email us at support@yaarlo.com

  • Why would my account be marked as fraud?

    Scanning receipts from your workplace or receipts that you find that do not belong to you.
    Scanning friends or another individuals receipts ( if they would like to get credit they will need to create their own Yaarlo account)
    Trying to buy gift cards with credit cards that are obtained fraudulently

  • What is the Shopping Clans?

    Shopping Clans is a Shopping Tournament by Yaarlo, where the users will get a chance to win cash prizes by simply creating their own clan or join in others.
    View Rules